my day

It's my 21st birthday today.

I have been at home last few days. Had dinner with my family and my grandparents. I could feel they cared about me so much. I think Iwill never deny how important are they to me.

Today is full of surprises. Had dinner with my girlfriend and got a funny present from her. Then my jongmates prepared a cake(comprising slices from various flavors) for me in a restaurant. I am so grateful when they are all so busy with projects and examinations.Even I myself have not much mood to celebrate, not to mention them. They are just so nice.

Then when I got back to my hall someone knocked on the door and handed me a gift. That was so lovely. I was even more surprisedwhen then I found on the floor a birthday card, which was from a friend who sent that through the door gap. I will not forget also all the'Happy Birthday' wishes, the phone calls, the phone messages, icq messages and those in my guestbook. Ya and also the e-cards thing, Igot one from my family today too, thanks! And the long distant call from Joe, who unveiled my secret. Ah~!

Ah yes, I must tell you all that I deliberately online last night in order to receive happy birthday messages (huh!), and I got a whole lot.Thanks all. But it was about already 2 am when I found I was in the invisible mode. I think maybe some of you would get mad when yousuddenly find my name popped up in your list sending thank you message to you. Sorry about that haha.

It was so warm to be with you all and to receive your wishes. Indeed it was a happy time when everything seemed so screwed up to methese days.

Got an e-mail from Heidi today, and had really some feelings after reading that. I think she's now really having a goal and knows clearlywhat she wants. Though I now maintain far less contact with her than in the past, I can clearly see that she's now on the way to be abetter person. No, I should say to be a really good person that deserve respect and appreciation. Well, it seems that I understood a bitabout myself from her story. It's hard to say what it is, yet now what I have to do is to look forward.

Sigh, though maybe I am on the wrong way.

P.S. This passage was supposed to be in Chinese but my PC went dead of a sudden with the file unsaved, so I gave up.

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