kchb rules!!!!!!

It'd be Irene's birthday tomorrow and she's going to have a party in her apartment after dinner, having all guys playing music andjamming. She told me to bring along my harmonica. It seems she's really interested in that. Well I think I shouldn't have told her that Ihad played before. Even I myself find my skills embarrassing.

So just now I had been looking for harmonica websites to get some sheet music. After some time I reached the sites of King's HarmonicaQuintet and King's College Harmonica Band, which triggered some of my memories. When I was in KCHB I think it had been the dark ageof the band. Most of my peers and I hadn't been practising much and were really poor players, with only Cheng Kin Wah having betterskills. I know that the past members were far more enthusiastic. Yet after I left, things had graually changed. Now my seniors are now the internationally recognized KHQ, and the new generation members are even grabbing championships of Asia-Pacific competitions.

It's pathetic that I couldn't have won anything for my school or shared their glory. Well, life's like that maybe. Yet Im always (secretly)proud of you guys in the band! :)

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