I love you people more than I can say

I was with many different groups of people today. It's like I have to squeeze some time for each of them in a day because of my long working hours.

Got up at noon and had lunch with my parents. Then to HMV and checked Tao's new album. Spent an hour there and I almost danced when listening to Franz Ferdinand's tracks. Their music is so special. And I like their clothes - Dior Homme.

Then hung out with my girlfriend for some time before having dinner at a club with my parents and a great bunch of relatives (more than 30). I don't even know half of them. I never knew I am connected to so many people. It was enjoyable seeing them all though.

Had drinks with some friends after that. We got to know each other in the orientation and we spent lots of time together in our freshmen year. They didn't change at all except that we are already having jobs and pursuing different paths.

Quality time with girlfriend, friends and family all within 12 hours. Some music and reading also. Not bad.

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