Days of being......

My long-waited Coke Zero. I dunno why its looks totally different from the pics I saw from the newspaper. Probably it has a different packaging design from that in the States. Weird enough, it tastes like diluted Coke. The original Coke is far too sweet and always think it goes best with a lot of ice, making it less sweetened and extra chilled. But then this Coke Zero thing missed the optimum taste.

Working in Shenzhen these days. I spend most of my time in the hotel and the client's office then almost nowhere else. Watched a lot of TV as I need some colours and sound to make work less boring and the room more lively. Recently Im pretty addicted to 愛情全保 as it's really hilarious. And I always feel I sleep even better than Im home, so Im very reluctant to get up on a daily basis.

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