Discoveries on TV

Then in the second week of 2007, I am back to the 18-hour working days again. And as always, I never wanted to go straight to bed after getting home, procrastinating a bit instead.

Wanna recap on the short trip before getting back to work. Whenever I was abroad, I spend a lot of time on TV in the hotel room and that has almost become my major reason for travelling (how pathetic). Probably cuz I don't watch much TV at home.

This time I was happy to these on TV.

1. Napaleon Dynamite - watched this for the first time and I just loved it. I don't really know why but I am kind of into geeks / unfashionable things / long and winding roads in the suburb / high school life......... and the movie has it all. This movie is absolutely something more than a great laugh.

2. Sodagreen - watched this band's music video and was really, really impressed. Actually I had seen their albums in some Sino stores for many times, I should have bought one of those.

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