Spent today with some kids in the company community service project. Being with them rejuvenated me while also made me think a lot. I don't understand why they are so obsessed with online games and McDonalds. Anyway I was one of this type. But we were all the same while today some could only stick with their games and televisions and at the same time some attend interest classes every day and go travel every year.


Been to Mongkok often recently. Rediscovered Sino Centre in which I found a nice DVD store. They even have Buster Keaton movies. I bought some FF and Pet Shop Boys.


They say if Donald Tsang is taking up the Chief Executive post he would probably abandon the existing plans and switch back to English teaching. If that is going to the case please make him Chief Executive.


We keep saying Hongkong is an international city and it's obviously crap. Please stop those self-assuring nonsense like analyzing the viewpoints on our local issues from other countries. I don't think they'd care about our stuff.

You could tell the answer from one single thing. When artists tour around the world they rarely stop Hongkong but Tokyo and Singapore almost every time.

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