Choose life

The very first line in Trainspotting.

I like hanging out with my aunt. Last time when she came back I remember she once said this - 'Now we don't have much to choose from though we have a seemingly better living standard. If not Park'n Shop then Wellcome. If not Watsons then Mannings. And you say we have something to choose from?'

I kept thinking about this recently.

When Internal Affairs ruled, most of the locally produced movies were about undercovers. And now everything is about Kung Fu. When singers start getting popular, people make them in every single event and TV shows/produce several albums (with very few songs) within a short time/make them cover other singers' songs.

After some time we are all fed up with those and then they would be dumped and new stuff come out. This kind of cycle is getting shorter because everybody wants to benefit from the new idea and pushes really hard at the same time.

A very good example is Leo Ku. His hit songs were obviously overrated and 'over-played' by the media. Let's see when he would be used up.


When you could see something from the blind spots - you make history.

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