After all these years

Bumped into my secondary school music teacher Ms Fung on a bus today and we chit-chatted some. She was bringing his son to a violin class. When I joked that she should teach him herself she told me she only plays the piano. Well I didn't know that.

I could remember vividly it was also her first year at my school when I was a S.1 kid. She was arguably the best-looking teacher then and was just like an angel to us. I was kind of happy that she recognized me today and to find her yet very attractive despite already a mother of two. How time flies.

And her kid is already playing the piano and the violin at only 6 or 7. I bet he has to spend a lot of time with computers and homework and interest classes also. Being a kid isn't any easier than an adult in this city.

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Sadie_Leung said...

Hey, today i started my teaching practice. Surely i still saw Miss Tam, Miss Lee, Mrs Yung etc hanging around the school. I am their 'colleague' now. the feeling is weird, but warm.