I was chatting with a friend overseas on MSN one day. He told me he's coming back to Hong Kong soon and would look for a job. He asked me to keep an eye on the recruiting ads and see if there are suitable vacancies for him. He wanted to do something related to music. I was really excited and told him I long for meeting him again here later.

I scanned through a Classified Post and did find some right ads for my friend. Then I was having a drink in a pub. Suddenly a man yelled from the bar that he needed a musician to perform in the place, and asked if anybody was interested in the job. People around me started seriously thinking about it, so I quickly raise my arm and responded like a student to a teacher in class. I told him my friend was a talented musician and would be a perfect fit for the job. I spoke in English all the way with a very heavy accent, I don't know why.

The pub owner looked persuaded. Then I asked for his number and I told him I would ask my friend to contact him when he is back. He then gave me his business card. It looked very old with all the details had faded except that guy's name which was hand-written. I gave a close look at the card and found his number was still visible. So I was okay with that.

I chitchatted with the guy after that. He told me the pub was only his side business and his real interest was travelling and hiking. We were then in the travel gear store he owned. I was pretty amazed by the wide selection of gears there.

I woke up from this weird dream and found it was already 12:30pm while I wanted to get up around 9. I felt like a loser.

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