As time goes by

Attended Angel and Gary's wedding tonight. I was looking forward for this as I know both and groom and the bride. It was also great to get together again with my o'camp groupmates Barbie and Dickson (and his fiancee) again, and being nostalgic about our days as freshmen.

It was a very special moment when the couple stepped into the banquet room and passed by our table. I just couldn't describe how I feel. It was beyond words.

On my way home in the MTR station I bumped into Jeffrey, my primary schoolmate. We were so close when we were small that I always went to his place to play that Nintendo. He would fly to California for his second Masters degree next week.

Would have to go to Foshan again tomorrow. Back last night and take off tomorrow noon. This is such an intense weekend and it seemed every little thing triggered my feelings. The songs I heard, the people I met, the things I saw, all touched me.

Maybe that's because I had been out of town for some time.

Every single day was a new day in the past month. Life was so rigorous and busy. And work had been simply a disaster.

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