Lazy Sunday

Yesterday I was having lunch alone somewhere in Mongkok. Suddenly the street outside was cleared and cops and firemen were rushing here and there. The waitresses peeped outside and said somebody was going jump off a building. Then I saw the firemen pumping up the huge yellow cushion thing. I was really scared as I was facing the door and would be witnessing the fall if the lady had made up her mind to do something suicidal.
Rushed out of the restaurant and was shocked to see there were actually a lot of people watching and somebody was even taking a video clip with his cell phone. WTF!!! I dunno wht is in his mind. Does that mean he was actually expecting or even hoping that lady to jump??? This is simply sick.
Took a nap in the Sunday afternoon and it was already dark when I got up from my bed. Daytime is getting short and it is getting cold too.
I wonder if anybody would treasure something historical. Shek Kip Mei Estate and the Ferry Pier in Central. They both mean something to me.
Heard 林夕 is going to publish a compilation of his lyrics. I hope he would not forget this piece.

作詞:林夕 / 作曲:周華健

在操場內 玩耍中比賽
在試場內 挑戰著未來
在世途上 但願飛出天際
在旅途上 偏偏盼望回來
在鐘樓下 伴著知己感慨
在教堂外 多麼渴望戀愛

誰人在說 誰人在笑 曾在喧嘩嬉戲中惹禍是誰
誰人在叫 誰人在跳 誰讓光輝的記憶放在這裡
渡海輪上 萬家燈火裡
多少個的你或我 曾為這光景陶醉

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